Pre-K, Kindergarten and Elementary

SchooSupply List

1-pkg. colored markers

1 pkg. colored pencils or Crayons
1-large eraser

1-pkg. #2 pencils
1-sm. pkg. paper

2-pocket folder or 1-binder
1-Scotch tape

2-rolls paper towels
1-bottle glue

1-pkg. colored construction paper

1-bottle hand sanitizer

1-Face Mask

Please let us know your preferred tech devices and ability to access our online remote classes (Google Classroom and Hangouts).

A PDF program that allows fill-ins and a printer would also be helpful.

We look forward to an enjoyable and productive school year.

 Refer to the APPRENDE SCHOOL CALENDAR for important dates.


Apprende Jr. & Sr. High School Supply List
These supplies are to be used throughout the semester and can be acquired as needed.

1- USB Flash Drive

1-Book Bag
1-pkg. Pens-fine pt.

1-pkg. #2 pencils
1-pkg. graph paper

1-highlighter pen
1-Scotch tape

3-pocket folders or 1-binder
4-lined notebooks

500 sheets lined paper
1-Assignment book

1-Scientific Calculator
1-Personal size bottle of Hand Sanitizer

1-Face Mask

Textbooks are on a loaned basis and are available for purchase.