Various in school and after school activities throughout the year. 

Summer Picnic Fun!


How to Build a Mini Hovercraft
Blowing Up Balloons With CO2
....some of the Summer Activities for 2018

Wild-Child Wind Spinner
Make a mini-Hover Craft
Blowing up balloons with lemon juice, baking soda & carbon dioxide-CO2
Make a Big Dry Ice Bubble
How to Make an Easy Lava Lamp
FLYING Egg Carton Helicopter!
Clothespin Pinwheel- Martha Stewart
Wood and Neon Lanyard Necklaces- Martha Stewart
Seashell Koalas- Martha Stewart
Shell Wind Chimes- Martha Stewart
Make Glowing Water with Black Light
Make a Tornado in a Bottle
Use a balloon to amplify sound like speakers
Steel Wool & Vinegar Chemical Reaction - Science Experiments for Kids
How to Make a Snowflake - Crystal Activity
Test Your Lung Volume Activity
Test the speed of water molecules with food coloring activity