NOTE TO STUDENTS: With concern that the rising COVID-19 infections will lead to schools closing once again. We're going to get ahead of that possibility while we can with in-person classes 4 days a week Monday through Thursday 9:30AM-2:30PM and an online independent studies day on Friday's at 10:00AM. In order to maintain our workload class assignments will need to be completed on time. An outline and completion timeline will be distributed for each subject to insure that we keep up the pace. We'll also need to practice using Google Classroom and Hangouts in preparation for possible disruptions.

The Dept. of Education just published the Fall 2020 guidelines necessary for schools to reopen: student desks should be spaced 6' apart for social distancing, hallways should be one-way, and students should wear a mask when in groups of 6 or more. The guidelines were written for larger schools and they don't include small schools like ours. Even though we are exempt we're going to practice similar safety measures. Many schools will remain closed due to a lack of space. Some are considering a rotating 3 day school week or online classes until the Spring Semester.

These are unusual times and will definitely have a long term affect on us all but most hard hit will be the students unable to attend school. Our goal at this time is to reassure students that they're safe and secure at Apprende and will be given the assistance they need to move their education forward.

We anticipate restarting in school classes for the Fall Semester on Monday August 17th.

We're currently providing the necessary day care and assistance to the children of essential workers.  In the interim we are doing "Google Hangouts" video classes with distance learning for all grades.

Please use all the recommend safety precautions.   Students...stay home if you or any family member feels sick or has a fever.  Let us know if you are in self-quarantine.  You can be highly contagious for about 4-5 days before any symptoms appear.  Remember that hard surfaces may be contaminated for up to 72 hrs. and soft surfaces (cardboard, paper, etc.) for several hours.  We are regularly disinfecting everything possible and students are reminded to regularly wash their hands and practice social distancing. 

We will all persevere as long as we work together and are vigilant about prevention.  If details change we will notify you promptly.​

​Thank you for your cooperation.​