apprende private school

"the learning advantage since 1981"


436B Valley School Drive
Valley Park, MO 63088

APPRENDE is a unique, small private school with total enrollment limited to 20 students.  We're open the year around offering a safe and affordable alternative to public education.  We're located on Hwy 141, just up the hill from the Valley Park Public School  & Sacred Heart Parochial School.​​

give us a call 636-225-0006

Parents speak...
Mike D. - “My son never liked school before… now he’s up at dawn ready to go”
Sarah R. - “Linda has opened up so much and talks constantly about the things she’s learning.”
David T.“It’s really great to have our evenings back and not argue over homework needing to be done.”
Nancy K. “I feel so much better knowing my girl’s safe and not around the problems of a large school.”

Guidance & Assessment Services

We will help you determine the right program for your child.  Children learn at varying rates and it's not always dependent upon their age.  We make sure our students enjoy the learning process in a safe, secure, stimulating environment.  School should be fun for both the student and the parent.

Homework is completed in school to facilitate learning and avoid conflicts at home.  School class schedules are flexible to meet family needs.

Ready for School


"Established 1981"  

Whether average, advanced or special needs... students work at their own pace and level.  From Preschool through High School we offer core curriculum classes utilizing the STEM approach, surpassing Federal and State guidelines.   ​​ENROLL NOW

Safety in numbers... or maybe just more of a chance for something to happen?

We stay small for a reason;  Better education with one-on-one personal attention and the freedom to enjoy the school experience without anxiety.

We will be on break and CLOSED the week of May 26th-June 1st.


How to Build a Mini Hovercraft
Blowing Up Balloons With CO


....some of the Summer Activities for 2018

Wild-Child Wind Spinner
Make a mini-Hover Craft
Blowing up balloons with lemon juice, baking soda & carbon dioxide-CO2
Make a Big Dry Ice Bubble
How to Make an Easy Lava Lamp
FLYING Egg Carton Helicopter!
Clothespin Pinwheel- Martha Stewart
Wood and Neon Lanyard Necklaces- Martha Stewart
Seashell Koalas- Martha Stewart
Shell Wind Chimes- Martha Stewart
Make Glowing Water with Black Light
Make a Tornado in a Bottle
Use a balloon to amplify sound like speakers
Steel Wool & Vinegar Chemical Reaction - Science Experiments for Kids
How to Make a Snowflake - Crystal Activity
Test Your Lung Volume Activity
Test the speed of water molecules with food coloring activity

Summer Session and Camp Activities begin in June.

New classes now forming for the Fall Semester 2018.

Summer Activities begin June 4th M/F 10:00-2:00

Come join us... our first project will be for each student to make a "Mini-Hover Craft"