Ready for School

Whether average, advanced or special needs... students work at their own pace and level. In Preschool through High School we emphasize the "STEM" approach to core curriculum classes surpassing Federal and State guidelines.  


We will begin the 2020 Fall Semester on Monday, August 17th:

*Jr. & Sr. High School -In school classes Monday through Thursday 9:30-2:00

with the option of daily online micro-classes. 

*Pre-K, Kindergarten & Elementary School -In school classes Monday through Friday 9:00-3:00  

Guidance & Assessment Services

We'll help you determine the right program for your child.  Children learn at varying rates and it's not always dependent upon their age.  We make sure our students enjoy the learning process in a safe, secure, stimulating environment.  Homework is completed in school to facilitate learning and avoid conflicts at home.  Class schedules are flexible to meet the family's needs.

"We're better than good...we're APPRENDE!"


Due to the increase in applications for Fall 2020 enrollment we may be unable to accommodate all requests at this time.  While we do have availability for some grades we will be accepting additional students when the COVID-19 spread subsides and local conditions are safe for all.


We're offering a choice of "in school classes" and "distance learning" with online "Google Hangouts" video classes or a combination of both.  Students and parents will have the opportunity to choose what works best for them in providing the maximum safety and convenience while advancing academically.

Apprende Private School

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"What kinda day are we having...we're having an APPRENDE!"


436B Valley School Drive
Valley Park, MO 63088

APPRENDE is a small and unique private school with limited enrollment.   We're open the year around offering a safe and affordable alternative to public and parochial schools. 

give us a call 636-225-0006