436B Valley School Drive
Valley Park, MO 63088

*lower level VPUMC building

(*nonreligious, not affiliated with VPUMC)

Apprende is a small private school open the year around. Classes are typically less than 10 students taught at a 1-4 student/teacher ratio.

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Apprende Private School

2017 School Choice Leadership Award.

Now hiring Teachers* 

*please email Attn: Dr. Munger-    

apprende private school

"the learning advantage since 1981"

It's really HOT...103F  

Paint ice cubes melt in 4 minutes!

Guidance & Assessment Services

APA testing and evaluations;

We will help you determine the right program for your child.  All children learn at varying rates and it's not dependent upon their age.  We make sure our students enjoy the learning process in a safe, secure, stimulating environment.  School should be fun for both the student and the parent.

Apprende Guarantee... you'll have more quality time with your child!

Ready for School

 Fall Semester begins August 14th

The "learning advantage since 1981".  Whether average, advanced or special needs... students work at their own pace and level.  From Preschool through High School we offer core curriculum classes utilizing the STEM approach, surpassing Federal and State guidelines.   ​​