Apprende Pre-K and Kindergarten

Apprende...where school is FUN!!!

Early childhood education provides the opportunity to imprint the "building blocks" needed to succeed in the future. Such tasks as learning foreign languages, developing math & science skills and socialization are easier for young children to assimilate.

Tuition: Pre-Kindergarten $160/week full time

Educational explorations

Our unique approach blends a traditional education with the best of the various elements and aspects of the most effective educational programs and resources. Enjoyment should be a daily part of exploring the world... seeking knowledge and developing personal responsibility.  At
Apprende we emphasizes the role of the imagination, developing thinking that includes a creative as well as an analytic component.  We feel that learning is interdisciplinary and should be integrated into practical, artistic and conceptual elements. Our goal is to provide students the basis on which to develop into free, moral and integrated individuals helping them to fulfill their unique destiny.

Apprende offers a very unique and enjoyable learning atmosphere. One designed to provide children with a safe and secure environment. We assess each child's needs and work on an individualized developmental program that will benefit both the child and the parents. We realize the demands that schools often impose on parents are regardless of personal situations.

Apprende we'll work with you on a schedule best suited for you and your child. It's our intention to promote the development of creativity and individual thought while providing the proper guidance for responsible decision making and problem solving. We'll foster the self-esteem to succeed and provide the knowledge needed for the future.

We offer year-round outdoor activities and events.