Apprende Junior & Senior High School

We're a private non-traditional, non-denominational co-ed school with small classes and personalized one-on-one instruction. Classes are limited in size to better accommodate each student. Whether your child is advanced, average or needing an alternative to the standard classroom, they'll have the opportunity to enjoy learning without the problems found in a larger school system.

                                             At APPRENDE we choose to make leaders!

Apprende has a casual atmosphere that promotes personal growth and academic achievement. We believe that everyone should have a chance to succeed in school and we'll work on finding the motivator to make that happen! Our unique approach blends a traditional education with the best of the various elements and aspects of the most effective educational programs and resources.

Enjoyment should be a daily part of exploring the world... seeking knowledge and developing personal responsibility. At
Apprende we emphasizes the role of the imagination, developing thinking that includes a creative as well as an analytic component. We feel that learning is interdisciplinary and should be integrated into practical, artistic and conceptual elements. Our goal is to provide students the basis on which to develop into free, moral and integrated individuals and to help them fulfill their unique destiny.

   High School Classes are held four days a week, Monday though Thursday 9:30AM-2:00PM.

                                2 Semesters during the school year with an optional Summer Session.

High School students earn 24 credits and receive a State of Missouri-High School Diploma.
Students may attend classes the year around. During the Summer Session students are able to earn additional credits in preparation for an early graduation.

A diploma from Apprende High School enables students to proceed on to a College or University, attend a Vocational School, serve in the Military or enter the work force well prepared. During the senior year, we offer students dual enrollment enabling them to take a class for college credit at STLCC or UMSL, giving them a preview of the college experience and a head start in the college application process. Those planning on attending a College or University are prepped to take the ACT and SAT exams during their Junior and Senior years. We also provide exam training and skill development to improve scores.

Our flexible program can accommodate the atypical learner to assimilate into an educational environment that promotes emotional stability and personal well being. Students and parents can stop worrying about un-done homework as a reason for not attending school that day. Most assigned work gets done during the school hours to eliminate the pressure and burden of nightly assignments. We use our ungraded, four day week program to motivate and encourage instead of reprimand and ridicule.

Apprende is a DESE (Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) non-public school complying with Federal & State guidelines participating in Title 1 & Title 2 programs.

Tuition: Junior & Senior High School
$2695/per semester.

Payments available;
$160/wk (20 weekly payments)
$550/mo (5 monthly payments)